- brought into optimal condition and is completly new now.

We appear with new outfit and come with a lot of new functions is not only presented in a totaly renewed outfit but also offers many new functions and possibilities. For instance: the loading-time is shortened by using tightened design and we also run new ways with easier navigation. Non restricted possibilities to combine guarentee to find the one panorama you expected to look up in between a few seconds.

unique navigation

From now on there is no more need of difficult searching the fitting panoramas. Your customers have the possibility to choose many of well defined categories and will be shown the firm which interests mostly.

geografic choice

Your costomers know where they want to spend their holydays but have no idea what they really will find at the chosen resort. Using our maps you can reduce the opened panoramas down to one singular spot. Your guests can see all sights, shopping possibilities, bars, restaurants, hotels offered at their chosen resort immediately. And nobody will loose your informations.

searching simplified

Our newly integrated searching function makes it easy to your guests to find your firm immediately and without complications.We have organised our searching function in that way that you get a number of suggestions when filling in one term or part of it. So you surely will be found.

detailed informations offers the possibility to set up your homepage with informtions about your firm by yourself. You can enrich your panorama by adding helpful informations and so enlarge the attractivity of the presentation of your firm on Not only text but also pics you can set online at any time by doing only few clicks? and really uncomplicately.

clear road-discriptions

To let your guests easily find your place also being far off internet produces a clear road-discription and plan completed with useful contact-informations. So your guests cannot fail arriving at your place.

direct line to your customer

Each firm presented at is given a clear road-map with a contact-form to be able to be contacted directly, simply and immediately.

are you interested ?

If you are interested to be presented at and if you want to use all vantages contact us freely. A meeting will be fixed voluntarily by us.